love to ride.

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Love to Ride infographic video

disciplines used:    2d and motion graphics    web video   
sector:    not for profit    sustainability   

Love to Ride is an online platform that’s all about getting more people cycling. Rooted in sound principles of behaviour change, the organisation’s focus is to demonstrate how easy and enjoyable cycling is.

A brand refresh and new website ( was launched in late 2013. Love to Ride were keen on creating a motion graphics explainer video that was multi purpose in supporting the new brand. It’s now used on their website, social media and communications with stakeholders.

With a touch of 3d (can you spot it?), an exciting and informative 2d animated video was created, incorporating brand assets. The video continues to be used today as part of Love to Ride’s wider marketing strategy in getting more people cycling.

  • 2d design and creative

  • motion graphics

  • client
    Love to Ride

  • script
    Love to Ride