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What we did

The Race!

Speed is of the essence when it comes to commercial cleaning. For many smaller businesses, cleaning is typically carried out by non professionals, often a staff member or a part time role. 

Traditional commercial cleaning methods can be slow and inefficient, putting a spotlight on productivity during cleaning hours. 

Numatic’s NX300 interchangeable batteries work across their growing portfolio of powerful cordless cleaning products, making cleaning faster and more efficient than ever before.

The brief

Having worked with Numatic on a different commercial cleaning product for hazardous environments, (the HZC↗), we were over the moon when they commissioned us to create a marketing video of their commercial cordless cleaning range. 

Our brief was to demonstrate how the NX300 battery works across the current range of products, from the new 244NX compact scrubber dryer↗ to the commercial version of the beloved Henry.

The technology is what sets it apart, and the NX300 offers greater run time, quicker recharge and cordless freedom. Power Driving Productivity.

Our approach

Inspired by Cadbury's Airport Cars ad↗, we wanted the viewer to end the video with a smile on their face. And then watch it again, and again. 

We proposed to anthropomorphise our batteries into racing drivers, rallying a high energy sprint around a 3D environment. Each battery pilots a different cleaning product as it weaves its way through the racecourse.

Using CAD product files from the design team, we rigged each product to move as they would in the real world. With some creative license! 3D set designs were based on typical spaces you’d use the products. The RSB150 backpack is ideal for planes, TTB244NX in tight busy spaces like gyms and the 1840 for larger surfaces such as shopping malls and centres.

The challenge

The cleaning products are the heroes of the piece, and we applied our expertise in photo-real 3d lighting and rendering to create incredibly accurate CGI renders. 

The 3d digital assets modelled from CAD could then be used across other videos, including solo product tours where we can zoom into greater detail on key features.

As Numatic’s commercial cordless product range continues to grow, potential scalability to the video was an early design consideration.

And of course, the ability to update the video when newer product versions are available, without re-creating the full video from scratch.


Alongside the main NX300 video we also delivered 3d animations of the individual products where we hone in on key features such as . Creating a digital 3d asset of each product enables us to re-purpose for future videos. For example on the web as a 3d interactive object, in virtual reality and other hardware display technologies. 


Somerset, UK


October 4, 2021


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