Matter, Microplastic Filtration


What we did

The brief

Matter, a pioneering tech company based in our hometown Bristol, is leading the campaign against microfibres with innovative methods to collect and recycle this harmful material.

We worked together with Matter to create a beautifully simple 3D animation, showcasing their unique microfibre filtration technology and its key features. Matter's groundbreaking proprietary technology tackles the issue of microplastic fibres released from our clothes during each laundry cycle – up to 700,000 fibres per cycle!

Our approach

We started with creating a 3D digital version of their filtration product. The 3d product was modelled and animated using Maya, and we created a versatile asset that can easily adapt to various outputs. From high-resolution prints in brochures to online applications like web 3.0, touchscreen interfaces, and interactive presentations.

We were able to highlight specific product features that would be challenging to capture using traditional filming methods. Houdini was used for the particle and fluid simulations, illustrating how the microfibres are captured during a wash cycle, and then easily removed.  

The final scene is an exploded view of the 3D product, where we focussed on specific key benefits of the technology and demonstrate its brilliant simplicity.

The challenge

Accurately simulating the flow of water (during a wash cycle) and flow of microfibre particles at such a small scale was a challenge! By fine-tuning the physics and settings in Houdini, we achieved a good balance of realism and speed, resulting in a visually pleasing and accurate experience for the viewer.


Launched at IFA 2023, the video achieved its goal of increasing engagement at Matter's exhibition stand, attracting potential customers and key industry figures. And with their recent incredible success in securing $10M Series A funding, we are excited to see the widespread impact of their revolutionary technology.

To learn more about Matter's work, visit their website:

Fascinated by 3D animation? Whether you're launching a new product or simplifying a technology, our experienced post production team is ready to assist you in achieving your goals. Send us an email to hello@nymbl. com, or call the studio on +44 (0) 1179 250184.


Bristol, England


September 8, 2023



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