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Working with engineering, aerospace and design consultancies, we develop and deliver impactful digital content for sales and marketing teams. Animations can help simplify complex processes, communicate expertise and showcase capabilities, ultimately increasing engagement with potential clients and stakeholders.


  • Marketing and Presentation: Both 2D and 3D animations are compelling tools for sales and marketing teams. Whether it’s a video detailing your propietary technology or an interactive touchscreen app showcasing your projects, our team have the expertise and experience to create compelling digital content for engineering firms.
  • Visualisation: 3d CGI is incredibly effective in enabling engineering and design consultancies, and their customers and stakeholders to visualise complex designs and processes. At any stage you are in a project, we can help support communication and engagement with 3d visualisations, as a still render or interactive digital asset.
  • Simulation: Animation can be used to effectively simulate various scenarios and interactions, such as stress testing and fluid dynamics, helping identify potential issues quickly.
  • Training and Education: 3D animations can be used to create passive and interactive training materials, helping engineers and students learn complex concepts more effectively.

Services we provide include 3D animations of products and processes, photorealistic 3d CGI stills, interactive touchscreen experiences, and virtual reality experiences that inform, educate, and market your services and solutions.

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Step 1. Discovery

Who is your audience? What do you need them to know? And how can animation help simplify or dramatise that message?

These questions set our creative minds in motion and together we explore initial ideas and the best ways to execute them.

Step 2. Development

Once the idea and execution are agreed, and scripts and storyboards are in place, we dive into production.

This covers everything from modelling, rigging and 3d animation, to VFX, lighting, rendering and compositing – and all steps in between.

We draw on our in-house R&D for innovation, to keep things creatively fresh and technically current.



Step 3. Delivery

Now we apply the finishing touches, such as grade and sound design.

And we’re ready to export, encode and deliver the final piece, to the exact sizes and specifications you need.

There is no challenge we haven’t risen to - from delivering over 200 deliverables for Euroleague to four 8k videos as part of the R&A projection mapping show.

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