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Post-production & VFX

Transform your visuals into cinematic experiences with the latest trends in post-production and visual effects. Our central Bristol post house is equipped with real-time cloud connectivity, ensuring secure and seamless collaboration across projects globally. With an end-to-end ACES 2.0 visual effects pipeline, we offer quality and flexibility, allowing for seamless handover and collaboration with creative agencies, partners and businesses.


  • Central Bristol Post-Production Facility: Significant investment in our tools and team means we are equipped for any size brief or project.
  • Real-Time Cloud Connectivity: Secure backup, collaboration, and seamless project management.
  • End-to-End ACES 2.0 Pipeline: Industry-standard colour fidelity and consistency across all projects.
  • CGI and 3D Animation: Expertise in Maya and Houdini for creating breathtaking animations.
  • Offline and Real-Time Rendering: Redshift, Arnold, and Unreal Engine 5 delivers spectacular visuals.
  • In-House GPU Render Farm: Managed with Thinkbox Deadline, and scalable for cloud based rendering.
  • Match Moving and Compositing: Synth Eyes for accurate tracking, with After Effects and BM Fusion for post-effects.
  • Color Grading and Online Editing: Blackmagic Resolve suite ensures flawless color accuracy and consistency.
  • VFX Supervision: On set VFX supervision, and guidance at each stage of production and post.
  • Virtual Production: Supporting your team from pre-vis to delivery, we create realistic real-time environments for virtual sets.
  • AI-Enhanced Workflow: AI supports every aspect of our work, and we have successfully integrated AI tools for efficiency in tasks like rotoscoping, scene reconstruction and texture creation. Assisting artists on the creative and details.



Step 1. Discovery

We delve into your project's needs, consider the audience needs and platforms of your choice.

This phase includes a comprehensive discovery session where ideas are refined, storyboarded, and detailed.

Step 2. Development

Armed with a clear plan, we go to work!

This phase covers pre-visualisation, CGI, to intricate VFX work.

Our iterative process, supported by our in-house and scalable cloud-based render farms, ensures a seamless blend with live-action footage.



Step 3. Delivery

We finish with detailed attention to color grading and finishing touches, ensuring every aspect integrates flawlessly.

Our in-house facility and colour grading suite, equipped with EIZO monitors and Blackmagic Resolve panels, ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard.

Ready for distribution on your chosen platforms, in formats up to 8K resolution.

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Transform your visuals into cinematic experiences with the latest trends in post-production and visual effects.

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