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Transport your customers to virtual worlds and create exciting new ways to interact with your products.



Step 1. Discovery

It takes real inspiration to create virtual worlds. So, after absorbing your brief, we gather all your existing creative assets and reference points to spark our thinking.

Ideas emerge from here. And we start exploring how VR, AR or MR* could be used to bring them to life in new and unexpected ways.

We then present these initial thoughts to you in a 90-minute discovery session.  Experiences can be hard to visualise at this early stage, so we make it all as easy to grasp as possible.

Step 2. Development

After you’ve fed back on our ideas and chosen a direction, we start working on the structure of the experience.

We create a wireframe and content flow, including interactive logic, features and functions. Similar to the site architecture for a website.

Next we design and map the user journey, before sharing it with you for approval.



Step 3. Delivery

Now we set about creating 3D assets and content, and modelling any CAD data you’ve given us.

Once all the individual elements of the experience reviewed and approved, we can start bringing them together.

This is your first chance to experience the virtual 3d environment we’ve created, and see the same incredible visuals your customers will see.

From here, we work with you to smooth out any final technical or design nuances before launch. And, if you need us to, we stay on hand to help with any training or support needs you may have.

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Turn impossible ideas into incredible experiences, combining real-world and virtual environments to amaze and enchant your customers.

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