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As immersive technologies blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds, the ways we interact, tell stories and sell things is changing.

Leading the way in the magical new “mixed reality” realm is Realfiction↗, an award-winning creator of pioneering 3D holographic displays that you don’t need a headset to view.

These guys are killing it in the retail and exhibition space right now, with their “free-floating” holograms that explain details, features, and unique selling points in ways that draw in consumers like never before.

And while we’ve already used their self-contained Dreamoc HD3 and XL3 holographic display units to create eye-catching animated and interactive content, Realfiction’s latest creation – DeepFrame One – takes things up a few notches.

You need to see it to believe it

Launched in 2018, DeepFrame One is a mixed reality, 65-inch 4K OLED display that layers digital content over a physical space in real time.

When you look through the glass, virtual objects of any size, shape or design appear behind the screen and not just flat on the surface.

We decided to try it out, investing in a smaller, portable demo kit. A miniature version of the real thing, but designed with an iPad integration.

Though it looked neat, it restricted us to play content via a tablet. We wanted to be able to play our high end interactive content in 4K, to show the optics at their full potential.

So we bought a 4K screen connected to a small computer, and 3D-printed our own casing that would fit the screen and mount snugly (with our nymbl logo on the back).

As we learned more about the 3D printing process, we found that the casing was slightly too big to print in one go – we had to bond two separate sections.

It was worth the effort when we powered up the screen, playing interactive and 4K video content at 60 fps!

The potential is limitless

By transforming any surroundings and allowing viewers to experience truly immersive mixed reality visualisations, DeepFrame draws people’s attention like a fly to a light. Here are just a few possible uses:

  • Museums – keeping visitors enthralled with interactive exhibitions that show dinosaurs running around or space rockets being launched
  • Shopping malls – creating memorable social experiences that enhance whatever products you’re selling to build better customer relationships
  • Car showrooms – showing vehicles in their true size and allowing you to explain details and features in exciting new ways


If you’ve got an event or exhibition coming up, DeepFrame is proven to capture everyone’s eye.

Get in touch to talk about the content that could work best for you, or arrange a visit and see DeepFrame for yourself.





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