Greenstar 4000


What we did

How do you follow up your greatest hit? This was the challenge facing Worcester Bosch when they launched the Greenstar 4000 as the successor to the Greenstar i – their most successful combi boiler.

The Greenstar 4000 takes all the best features of its popular predecessor and raises them to a whole new level. It’s smaller, quieter and made from more sustainable components. And its sleek design allows it to take pride of place in any modern home.

But change is never easy. And Worcester Bosch needed to promote the upgrade benefits of the Greenstar 4000 persuasively to two distinct audiences: the homeowners who’ll buy it, and the installers who’ll fit it.

The brief

We love working on Worcester Bosch’s products. They align perfectly with our passion for spectacular simplicity. So when they asked us to help them with the Greenstar 4000, the answer was an easy and emphatic YES.

Commercially, the Greenstar 4000 launch was a huge deal for our client. Our brief was to create two hero marketing videos, appealing to the specific needs of their B2B and B2C customers. And to bring the boiler’s features and benefits to life in an interesting, accessible and elegant way.

Our approach

We applied our deep knowledge and expertise in 3d animation to both the B2B and B2C videos. And we led the technical direction of the project, taking on the initial print designs and applying the theme to a 3d environment.

For the B2B audience – typically Worcester Bosch accredited installers – our video emphasised familiarity and compatibility. The Greenstar 4000 is an update to an old friend, not a full overhaul. So we needed to show how easy it is to swap out older Greenstar i models and service this new one.

The B2C video, meanwhile, focused on the needs of homeowners and landlords: energy and cost savings, user friendliness, and smart features like the water-saving quick tap. We also showed how the Greenstar 4000 is a stylish item you can proudly display in your home – rather than keep hidden in a cupboard.

The 3d CGI boiler asset is the same in both the B2B and B2C videos. This allowed us to use the 3d asset we’d modelled, rigged and prepared for the B2B video, saving any repetition in work for the B2C video.

The consumer video had a different story, which required a different 3d animation. We also refreshed the living room and kitchen environments to match the sleek, elegant style of the product.

The challenge

For the B2B video, the creative direction was to make the Greenstar 4000 look like a piece of art, proudly displayed on a plinth in a gallery. The descriptions of features, meanwhile, were intended to look like hanging wall tiles. All inspired by the design of our client’s printed materials.

This posed our biggest challenge on the project. We animated the boiler in a sparse, white art gallery. And it’s difficult to light such a dazzling-white scene without making the product look obviously CG.

There are few lighting obstacles we haven’t overcome before, however. And by drawing on our experience – and deploying some advanced lighting techniques – we created a finished piece that sits seamlessly in its surroundings.


The videos are now live on our client’s website, where they provide an engaging and persuasive intro to the Greenstar 4000’s capabilities. Watch the two videos in full below.

→ Greenstar 4000 product page - Worcester Bosch Website↗

→ Discover the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000↗





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