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What we did

We worked alongside Creative Agency Dunlop Goodrich to assemble a suite of 3d deliverables for the EuroLeague Basketball↗ 2016-17 season through to the 2020-21 season. Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Basketball is the highest level tier and most important professional club basketball competition in Europe – think Champions League for you footie fans.

The EuroLeague basketball “device” was central to the piece and tied each frame in the 3d title sequence together. We explored ideas around the ball morphing from lines to a solid object, continually transitioning across each shot.

The project was an interesting blend of technical and traditional 3d techniques. From roto-scoping the players in the live action segments to modelling, lighting, particle dynamics and even a bit of fluid simulation! A special mention for the MASH procedural animation toolset↗ that contributed to the basketball “device” rig.

The final result was a high quality, energetic title sequence that seamlessly merged live action footage with innovative 3d CGI techniques. In addition to the main title sequence, we delivered a 3d digital package to be used throughout the season.


London, UK



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