linx vision.

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Linx Vision tablet by Exertis

disciplines used:    3d animation    motion capture    product animation   
sector:    gaming    science & technology   

Exertis launched the new Linx Vision tablet in 2015. The Linx Vision is a powerful custom tablet with a multi purpose design: whether for home use or streaming gaming.

A 3d animated video was to spearhead the campaign, demonstrating the awesome features such as its immersive 8” HD display, Quad-Core Intel® chipset and Windows 10 interface.

We explored a number techniques to achieve the final video, including motion capture and particle systems. The video was part of a wider marketing campaign for Linx, establishing itself as the best-selling Windows based tablet in the UK. Exertis has been named Microsoft’s ‘OEM Device Partner of the Year 2016’ for their Linx tablets.
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  • concept and artwork

  • 3d animation

  • post-production

“Creating the perfect ecosystem: the Linx Vision tablet, powered by Windows 10 gives the user a AAA Xbox experience.”