Virtual reality

VR teleports your customers into your world in the most visually stunning way possible, so you can really bring them along for the ride.

You can take customers on a virtual tour, simulate a training process or give a live-action product demo. The fact that it’s uniquely personal is why 75% of top brands have created VR experiences.

Our background in high-end 3D CGI means we can create the most immersive 360º VR environments in real-time or rendered 360º video.

Real-time VR

Often called ‘true’ VR, this is where viewers can freely move around a virtual room and interact with their surroundings using controllers and wearing a headset, like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Pro. We’ll build realistic environments and can use CAD files, point cloud data or photogrammetry, and advise you on the best hardware set up.

360º rendered video

Still as immersive as real-time VR, but with less interactivity. 360º video is typically viewed with mobile-powered headsets like GearVR, Oculus Go and Daydream. The viewer sees things from a fixed point of view rather than being able to move around. We can shoot live action footage with a 360º rig, or create a video entirely in CGI.

Interested? Come and try out experiences relevant to your industry at our Coffee & VR taster session. Or get in touch to chat about it.