which? awards.

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Which? 2013 Awards animation

disciplines used:    2d and motion graphics    3d animation    events   
sector:    fmcg   

The Which? Awards event celebrates and rewards the very best businesses in the UK. The ceremony publicly recognises those companies and individuals that consistently get it right for consumers. The film was projected at the 2013 awards ceremony, featuring Paul Merton’s iconic voice.

Working with London agency Redpill, we designed and produced the animations for the opening VT. A creative on-brand visual style was created, after a suite of concepts and sample designs were initially developed.

As Mr. Merton articulates opening the video, we primarily used motion graphics to achieve this “info-graphic animated video”. With the characters integral to the story we chose to build and rig them in 3d, as results have shown integrating advanced 3d techniques into 2d stories is very powerful. With expressive and complex performances, the finished video was well received and led to more work at future Which? Awards.

  • agency/creative

  • 3d animation

  • 2d design and animation