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Motion Capture

disciplines used:    3d animation    editing    motion capture    vfx   

Motion Capture (mocap) collects motion data of certain points of interest on a subject. Data collected is then used to drive motion or calculate specific parameters of motion, eg. speed or distance. This tool is incredibly useful in 3d animation when using natural motion – such as our grabbing a controller with realistic hand gestures in our Linx Vision video.

Using these wonderful technologies enables us to continue expanding our services and find exciting new techniques to integrate into our workflow. Being at the fore of innovations in technology certainly contributes to challenging budgets, allowing us to explore and suggest different ways to approach a brief.

MoCap at nymbl

Our nymbl Play room ‘Suite FA’ gives us and our clients the capability of implementing organic motion to a whole host of animated projects; 2d, 3d and interactive alike. We’ve built Suite FA with a  bespoke markerless system, allowing our actors (or clients, should they wish to take part!) to perform in the attire they entered the building in.

Markerless systems work by utilising a multi camera tracking setup and intelligent software which calculates movements quickly and accurately. It’s a system which allows us to cost effectively use motion capture directly into our pipeline and your projects.

We want to broaden the application of using motions and emotions from purely character focussed narratives. We’ve used our set up with great success, as seen on Dycem’s marketing video on contamination control where we captured walk cycles.

Having this tool readily available allows for more choice creatively, saves time when budgets don’t stretch to a fully animated character and provides clients the option of a range of tools. We’ll continue demonstrating how powerful this tool can be in opening up new and interesting approaches to video production.

Interested in motion capture for your video? Get in touch.