squash vr.

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an interactive squash game for the oculus rift DK2

disciplines used:    3d animation    motion capture    virtual reality   
sector:    gaming   

We are huge fans of squash (the game, not juice!). Having spent most of 2015 playing our own version of the game (a hybrid of squash and ping pong) we thought to ourselves, “what about Squash VR?!”. We’d explored interactivity via a MIDI output on our virtual reality drumming experience, and we quickly had our sights on recreating our own version of squash in VR.

The power and accuracy of the Oculus Rift DK2 VR headsets provided a great base to develop our creative and explore the creative for an interactive squash game. Inspired by our Mr Dott character created for Squash Skills, our furry ball was launched via triggers and contact made by using our head.

Currently single player game on the Oculus, we have our sights on multi player game which we’ll be optimising for the HTC Vive!