eBay (the darkness).

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eBay - the darkness

disciplines used:    2d and motion graphics    3d animation    product animation    web video   
sector:    e-commerce   

With creative from the viral video wizards at Team Rubber, we assembled 2 multidisciplinary animated shorts for eBay. We were thrilled to be working on a project that fused the vast array of animation skills and techniques that we pride ourselves on playing with.

We opened up a delicious palette of individual visual similes that enabled us to contribute a range of techniques to the final video: from live action to 3d animation.

Limitations were few, a real privilege for the team at nymbl.  The continuity between the live action and pace of the track was an essential ingredient to ensure the finish of the animated segments remained polished and dynamic.  Applying fine brushstrokes such as the cloth simulated feather duster, and  detailed 3d animated Mystery Machine contributed to the seamless fusion of disciplines.

Rhythm is one of the most important platforms for effective animation.  The soundtrack by The Darkness laid the foundation for the pacy key-framing which enabled us to also flex our traditional animation techniques.  The films are enjoyable examples of when and where to use our clever software and simulation tools alongside great cinematography and traditional animation techniques.

We also delivered a palette of short form versions for video on demand and YouTube advertising campaigns.

See our other animation here backed by Rizzle Kicks “Down with the trumpets”.

  • creative/agency
    rubber republic

  • 3d/2d animation

  • post production