adhesive live.

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Adhesive Live concert visuals

disciplines used:    3d animation    character animation    events   
sector:    entertainment   

Adhesive Live was a once in a lifetime collaborative live performance of ‘Modern Digital vs Traditional Classical’.

Some of the UK’s most acclaimed artists were featured, including Ronnie Size and Joker. This was a unique opportunity to capture the audio and organically channel them into a full 3d character, breathing animation directly to the Adhesive Live emblem. Although audio driven animations aren’t new, they are still hugely effective when fusing visuals with audio that would otherwise be difficult to match manually.

Our challenge in this case was to bring the audio data into a dynamically driven 3d rig, allowing components to react with each other and build with the music.  This produced some interesting and unexpected patterns that literally brought the character to life through the music itself. It combines a range of techniques whilst keeping a solid foundation with the 2d artwork of our friend in a 3d space.

To see our Adhesive Live character in Virtual Reality, check out our VR drums experience post.