actegy revitive.

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Actegy Revitive animation and 3d images

disciplines used:    3d animation    product animation   
sector:    health and medical   

Actegy’s Revitive brand is a range of clinically tested ‘circulation boosting’ footplate devices. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for treatment of poor leg circulation caused by age, medical conditions or lifestyle factors. The electrical stimulation is delivered to the muscles and nerves of the lower limbs through the two large footpads.

Actegy were looking to create a suite of videos with a different themes highlighted in each. Accuracy and high quality were two important facets to be achieved with the videos.

We delivered a suite of 3d animated product videos. Each focussed on a benefit, including pain reduction, swelling reduction, improvement in circulation and relief for aching legs and feet.

In addition to the animations, 3d cg stills were created for 3d photography, to showcase the product at international conferences and events.

  • concepts

  • 3d animation

  • 3d lighting, texturing, shading

  • 3d product stills