our journey into virtual reality

Virtual Reality. Everyone’s talking about it. A powerful, growing platform where brands can share their stories in a way unlike any other.

We’ve seen the charts by Goldman Sachs on market hold, consumer uptake and investment in both hardware and software. Then there’s the articles: Forbes (Why VR is a game changer)TIME (Why VR is about to change the world) and many, many others on how and why it’s going to revolutionise the way we live, work and play.

As an animation studio, we’re constantly exploring ways to integrate techniques and tools into our pipeline. And when in 2015 Unreal had opened up its engine, it enabled studios like ours to do what we love – creating stunning visual content that inspires and excites – through an entirely new storytelling medium.

Virtual Reality has immense capabilities connecting with new and existing audiences alike. Whether promoting a product or creating a digital world as a proof of concept, the rule book is constantly re-writing itself as the technology and tech support improves and grows. 18 months on from our initial in house projects, we’ve developed a bespoke, fully customisable VR pipeline namely for three outputs – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the Samsung GearVR.

We’ve seen significant advances since our first investment of the Oculus DK2 in (2014) to the GearVR (2015) to the latest high end player in the market – the HTC Vive, released to the world in May 2016 and in our hands only a couple of weeks later. We now have Oculus, Google’s Daydream and PlayStation VR in the consumer VR market, among many other brands available. Each virtual reality headset has it’s own benefits and limitations, and the choice between mobile and tethered is entirely dependent on your objectives and usage.

We’re pretty excited about what we’ve seen and built so far. If you’re looking to create a virtual reality experience, why not pop in, have a play and let’s discuss your ideas.

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