Holograms and holographic displays

Last year, one of our clients wanted a hologram.  True, a genuine freestanding hologram doesn’t quite exist yet, but a close and equally impressive substitute is holographic digital display technology. A novel stage to promote a new innovative product in their medical product portfolio.

For the product launch, and as part of a wider event marketing strategy, they were eager to implement digital signage that would not only make heads turn but draw in the crowds.

Combine a 3d animation with an exciting digital display like a hologram, and you have something memorable and special for an audience to engage with.

In 2015, the digital signage market was valued at USD 16.88 Billion and is expected to reach USD 27.34 Billion by 2022.

Digital displays have been around for a long while now, and with the expectation for quality content on 4K HDR displays, we are experiencing an ever-increasing need for delivering high end 3d animated content to be displayed and enjoyed.

Dreamoc HD3

After extensive research, we found the ideal hologram solution to support our 3d animations. The Dreamoc HD3 by RealFiction is an impressive portable plug and play solution for HD content. We purchased one for the studio, tested its potential and were sold! Our animators delivered a suite of slick, “hologram-ready” 3D CGI animated spectacles.

Observing the audience participation and behaviour to our content is rewarding. The elegant combination of slick 3d animations and holographic display tech draws in the crowds like a fly to light, with positive feedback from both the viewers and our clients.

Holograms for product marketing

The initial holograms produced for the Dreamoc HD3 was so positively received that we have focussed the last 12 months on building an impressive portfolio. We pushed the RealFiction’s HD3 even further by implementing real-time experiences, driven by input devices (eg the Leap) for motion and gesture control for the user to interact with the hologram.

Animated content receives 5 times more views than static content, and holographic 3d animations (both rendered and real-time) are an incredibly engaging and guaranteed win for your product and brand.

To date, we have delivered over 20 3d real-time and rendered animations and experiences, including our multiplayer VR / hologram experience – Acopperlypse. We’ve also created holograms for RealFiction’s larger units – the XL3 (twice the size of the HD3).

Who can forget the iconic Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and bringing Tupac back to life in Coachella 2012? These unique experiences leave us remembering, sharing, and smiling.

Whether you’re looking to have a hologram for an event or simply curious to have a go, pop in for a cuppa, a chat and a play!