Coffee & VR

The premise is simple: Coffee & VR

We’re excited to launch our virtual reality taster sessions, Coffee & VR: bringing freshly brewed coffee and virtual reality (VR) together for the ultimate VR experience. Coffee & VR is an opportunity to comfortably try out the latest headsets coupled with breath-taking immersive content.

Cool exploding shot of a virtual reality headset

Why VR?

Since the release of the first consumer Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets in 2016, we’ve witnessed VR’s journey from the consumer to enterprise. The concept that VR is for gamers is long gone and as it fast develops as one of the most important technological advancements for enterprise. The application of VR is relevant across every discipline you can think of – from education to training, events and sales.

As well as delivering VR experiences for our clients, we’ve utilised VR for in-house research and development processes for real-time applications, including augmented reality (AR) and smartphone apps.

Coffee & VR

The Tech

We’ll showcase VR experiences on the best headsets currently available on the market. The latest addition to our headsets is the newly released,¬†wireless Oculus Quest.¬†

The Coffee

Served up with fresh coffee, our Coffee & VR sessions have been designed to enable businesses and agencies to explore VR’s application in their industry. We’ll share detail on the VR process, typical timelines and the all important question – what’s it going to cost.¬†

VR is an incredibly powerful medium and this is the only the beginning!


Generic VR headset: Coffee & VR

How to book

Drop Sama ( a message or call on (+44) 1179 250184. And feel free to bring along a colleague too.