Virtual Reality

& Immersive Experiences

At nymbl, we’ve taken our love for 3D animated content, visualisation and storytelling into realtime technologies – designing interactive virtual reality (VR) environments. Our expertise allows us to create and build the most visually stunning and truly immersive 360º virtual reality environments.

We work with brands and agencies to create remarkable VR experiences for their products and applications, as well as continuing to develop our own in-house content using our bespoke 3d designs and development for VR.

The benefits of using virtual reality over 3D animation provides users the opportunity to interact and immerse themselves into spectacular digital worlds. Whether you’re looking to showcase your latest product, create virtual walkthroughs or educate your audience, creating experiences in VR opens up a whole world of new opportunities to do something a bit different.

Utilising the latest in tech and software, we work with brands and organisations to develop VR experiences for PC powered kit such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and mobile devices including Samsung for the GearVR.

A sample of our work can be found here.*

Interested in creating an experience for VR or 360 video? Pop in for a cuppa and discuss your ideas.


*The confidentiality of our clients is important to us. In the interest of our working ethic we do not disclose all projects or clients.